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Notice of Meeting

The State Water Commission will meet on December 5, 2014 at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel, 800 South Third Street, Bismarck, ND. Governor Dalrymple will convene the meeting at 9:00 a.m., and the meeting will adjourn at approximately 12:00 noon. Meeting Agenda

For additional information, please contact Sharon Locken at, slocken@nd.gov, or call (701) 328-4940.

File Temporary Water Permits On-Line

The Water Commission has completed the on-line portal to apply for Temporary Water Permits. This link provides access to our secure portal to complete the application on-line and submit the necessary fees to complete the application process. Temporary Water Permit Applications

Northwest Area Water Supply Project

The State Water Commission has developed a new brochure related to the Northwest Area Water Supply project.

Northwest Area Water Supply Project . . . (2 mb)

Moving Water East - Red River Valley Water Supply

The State Water Commission has developed a new brochure related to the development of a reliable water supply for eastern North Dakota.

Moving Water East - Red River Valley Water Supply . . . (5 mb)

Cost-Share Policy & Project Prioritization Guidance Concept Finalized

At their September 15 meeting, the State Water Commission gave final approval to the agency's Cost-Share Policy, Procedure, and General Requirements, and the Project Prioritization Guidance Concept.

Cost-Share Policy

Prioritization Process

Missouri River Stakeholders

Following the floods of 2011, there was renewed interest among Missouri River stakeholders to establish some type of grass roots organization in the Missouri River Basin. Since that time, and in the last year in particular, the Water Commission has helped facilitate meetings of Missouri River stakeholders to help identify a path forward.

Check out the Stakeholder's website to see what's new.


RRVWSP Alternative Route Engineering Study

Study Objectives... 1. Assess various pipeline alignments previously identified, and to identify and assess additional alignments that should be considered. 2. Assess the overall technical and permitting feasibility of a Missouri River intake and delivery of water to identified end users. 3. Assess the estimated project costs.

RRVWSP Alternative Route Engineering Study . . . (8 mb)

North Dakota's Water Permitting Process

The Office of the State Engineer has developed a new water permitting fact sheet that provides an overview of North Dakota's water permitting process and related requirements.

Water Permitting Process Fact Sheet

Water Permitting Process Chart

Facts About ND Fracking And Water Use

Fracking & Water Use
Fracking & Water Use

The North Dakota State Water Commission has recently completed a new fact sheet entitled "Facts About North Dakota Fracking and Water Use."

The new fact sheet covers a broad range of topics related to oil production in North Dakota, with a special emphasis on water use and water appropriation issues.

The fact sheet is available for download here, or paper copies can be requested by calling the Planning and Education Division at (701) 328-4989 or email dapetersen@nd.gov.

Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Project